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Extra stuff for stalkers to read

So yeah I like stuff lololol omg link is so hawt.

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    Archfiend Baramos

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    It is not my duty to seek for amusement for you. Look for yourself on yon Perhaps one day you too will be almost as dag as me. *snort*
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    Archfiend Baramos

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    Since you have entered into dark oath with me I felt obligated to say cite some small truth upon your comments page. Though I somehow fear that you did not realize the import of your covenant with me. You fool. You are now my thrall, to do with as I wish.

    Also, did you see that video of the breakdancer kicking the baby? It was dag, yo. C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! And now, I do not care that that is from Killer Instinct, not Streetfighter II. Such concerns of mere mortals is above me.

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